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8 hours tour exploring Cordoba the capital of Caliphate Umayyad in X century and a provincial town Écija.  You decide the order of those two city tours.  Our team could arrange a transfer for you under request.

Córdoba has been one of the capital cities of the European and Mediterranean culture for almost one thousand years. From the second half of VIII century, during the following 300 years, the world’s greatest cities in any sense were Baghdad, Córdoba, Constantinople and Damascus.

There you can find the roots of scientific renaissance, that later on spread to Europe through Al Andalus. Every corner of Cordoba and surroundings is a gem.

Écija is a traditional town in Andalusia located in the middle way between Seville and Córdoba. The access is convenient by highway A4 or by bus from Córdoba or Seville.

Ecija shows to its guests an impressive heritage from Roman Remains to  Noble manors and numerous of Catholic churches and convents.  This town is called as “Sun’s City” and “Towers City”

Not only the visitor will be delighted with its magnificent heritage but they also can enjoy a calm, affordable and pure local town in Andalusia.